Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Off to Hawaii

Shirt: Vintage | Skirt: Luck and Trouble - via Universal Store | Shoes: Wandering Souls - via Glue Store
I have a love hate feeling about dress up parties. It's always fun to put on a costume, but I already lack enough social events in my life to wear clothes from my already over flowing closet. I just need more excuses to wear fancy clothes really. At the beginning of this year I had a tropical themed party to go to and I ended up finding this magnificent vintage Hawaiian shirt in a vintage store in Melbourne. It was great to find something that would both suit the party theme, and be happily worn again and again.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

To the daisy

Shirt: Sportsgirl | Jacket: Oneway | Jeans: Topshop | Shoes: Wandering Souls - via Glue Store
Here we have a casual Sunday outfit I wore out for brunch. I can't get over how comfortable these mom jeans are. I'm feeling a bit sad that it's starting to get too warm to wear them. I'm really not the biggest fan of summer fashion. I find it ten times harder to get dressed for the warmer weather. This outfit is reminiscent of me clinging onto the last breaths of spring air.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Christmas gift guide for that special lady

If anyone out there is unsure what to get for that special female in their life at Christmas time, this list may help you! This list is a little more extravagant than my usual lists, it was definitely made by the dreamer inside of me.

1. Inissia and Aeroccino3 Delonghi Nespresso Machine - This is for all the coffee lovers out there that want quick and easy coffee that tastes like perfection every time. Oh how badly I want one of these babies.

2. NARS Vault, Lipstick and Nail Gift Set - I'd really be dreaming to imagine getting this set. It really is the ultimate collection of lipsticks and nail polish. If you've got a spare $500 lying around, this would be a winner.

3. Three Level Jewelry Box - Shopbop - I recently just splurged on an amazing jewelry box and now I wonder what I ever did without one. I adore this one and it is just the perfect size.

4. Anjolee Legendary Curved Diamond Bangle Bracelet - I was recently contacted by Anjolee to review their products and I was greatly impressed by what they offer. Anjolee are a high end diamond jewelry manufacturer and retailer. They have a huge range of rings, earrings, bangles etc. and everything on their site is completely customizable by metal type, carat size, and diamond or gemstone by size. Their bangle bracelet range will no doubt make your heart skip a beat, as mine did! I honestly recommend it for anyone looking to buy that one of a kind piece of fine jewelry.

5. Prada Hardback - Book Depository - The perfect book so you can just dream some more! Any fashion forward woman would enjoy sifting through the pages of this book.

6. Twilly Hermès | Grand Manège Silk Scarf -This just carries on from my last post about silk scarves and their versatility.

7. Versace Rock Icons Sunnies - Sunnglass Hut - I have been in awe of these Varsace Rock Icons sunnies since the moment I laid eyes on them. I adore the metal embellishments. A little birdy told me these may be coming to me this Christmas.

8. Veuve Clicquot Vintage Rosé - Dan Murphys - A bottle of Vevue Clicquot makes any occasion celebratory. Why not?